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Packaging your DotNetNuke® Module


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You want to create a DotNetNuke module and you want to distribute it ?

Step 1

Follow these directions to set up your development environment:

Setting-up the Development Environment

Step 2

Create a Module using the Web Site Project format


Step 3

Package the module

While logged in as the Host account, Select Module Definitions from the Host menu.
Click the pencil icon next to the module to select it and navigate to the details.

In this example we are using the module ThingsForSale that was created in the tutorial from Step 2.

From the menu for the module definition for ThingsForSale, select Create Module Package.
Enter a name that ends with .zip and click the Create link.
The Private Assembly will be created.
You can retrieve the .zip file from the "...\Install\Module" directory of the portal.

At this point the file can be used to install the module.

See this post for information on installing modules

If you want to protect your source code see this post




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